Everyone and anyone who has all three (Marriage, Children & Finances) realizes that they all have there challenges. You meet someone cool and enjoy being around them, you two love each other so much that the next natural step would be to get married:-) Marriage is awesome it's actually an extension of dating but now you legally get to play house:-) all fun. Next step if you are both on the same page is children - now I didn't say finances because it is ridiculous to wait and save for having children, you will see right away that you can never have enough money for children unless you are independently wealthy and even then children do not understand the value of money or the power it has, thats something they eventually learn from the parent. All children want is your love, time and attention, so please if possible don't wait (but also don't be stupid/selfish you need to have some form of legitimate income and I do not mean government assistance) because children are beautiful, fun and enhance your life in such a wonderful way it can not be explained, it must be experienced. So children come on board and it's all gravy and everything you both wanted........well not exactly. That page you both were on starts to tear. What happens is a major disconnect. When the babies start coming everything changes, along with the lack of experience and learning involved comes tiredness, not enough time, financial strains, misunderstandings and non-communication which can lead to other situations that negatively breakdown the foundation that was built up to this point. For the man - his wife is no longer desirable, shes always tired or cranky (bitchy), he feels neglected, forgotten and unappreciated. For the women - her husband does not help enough, he's non-sympathetic, does not look at her the way he use to, courting has ceased to exist, no more compliments, she feels neglected, lonely and unattractive. Now remember, everything up until this point is what they both wanted and love their offspring dearly, the children are not the problem and never will be. So I ask this of the community, what should be the next step for this couple? counseling? what if things have gotten to the point of disresptectful, embarrassing behavior, humiliating verbal exchanges or just plain co-existing under the same roof like roommates. Do they have a chance? is it better to just cut your loses and realize that you've grown apart in different directions and may want different things even though it hasn't been said? is it possible to fall out of love with someone so quickly? Biggest and most important question, do you stay together for the sake of the children? Waiting for your responses.
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