How Important Are The Views Of Your Partners/Spouses Family?

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Yasmin S
Yasmin S
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The conversation in the description happened to me, that was my first experience with negativity regarding interracial dating. I was 17 and he was my first boyfriend, needless to say because I didn't know any better we continued dating for 2.5 years and it was a circus. Our relationship eventually ended not because of his parents but because we were young teenagers and partying and hanging out unattached seemed to be more fun, at least for me. I have nothing bad to say about him, he was always fun, loving, protective and respectful. I was lucky to have the experience of a great first love. I have nothing to say about his parents because the entire time we dated we never crossed paths. I also learned a lot from that experience about what I do not want in a future relationship with a guy from a different race or cultural background.

I made it a point not get invloved with a guy if his parent(s) would have an issue with our relationship.

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Yasmin S
Yasmin S
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In my opinion because of what I experienced I feel it's important that if anything the Parents should be on board and supportive with the choice that their child has made with who to love.
I say this thinking long term marriage, children etc. As adults we pretty much know what we are getting into, but when you start to bring babies/children into the fold it becomes so complicated. Its important that the Grandparent(s) more than any other relative love that child just as much if not more than you do, to reinforce how amazing and deeply loved they are.

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